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viagraViagra (Sildenafil) is a medical enhancer of erectile ability in men who have problems with erections in 25-30 % of cases or more. It is a remedy for men who experience the condition called impotence or ED – erectile dysfunction. Normally older men are at higher risk for impotence. Still more and more men face the problem. It is very important to take the responsibility of one’s health and seek medical help if one has the symptoms of ED.male extra

Viagra is one of the best medicines used for the treatment of ED in men. This popular medicine is adored by millions of grateful men and is recommended by professionals as the safe and very effective treatment available now.

Sildenafil, the main ingredient in Viagra, is a PDE inhibitor with the property to stop the actions of PDE enzyme located in the penis. This enzyme is known for regulation of the process of blood entering into the penis. If the amount of this enzyme becomes great, it prevents normal blood flow to the body parts including the male organ. In men who experience ED problem, PDE enzyme is increased. Viagra helps to stop and hinder the action of the enzyme and stimulate the blood flow to the penis. Viagra works directly in the penile area to provide powerful, rigid erections. It does not affect the proper functioning of other body systems and organs. It brings other benefits to one’s organism by providing better blood flowing in different body parts. So, the medicine is used not only for the treatment of ED but also for other diseases and conditions.

Being one of the most demanded medicines, Viagra Australia is proven to be highly safe. Men who choose this medicine can be sure that they will receive a safe product free of risks for health.
Viagra is a market leader since 1998 and keeps its first position easily. Men, who try Viagra, are completely satisfied with the results.

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Viagra belongs to the anti-impotence agents called PDE-5 inhibitors. It is also a mild vasodilating agent, producing slight hypotensive effect. The medicine ensures proper blood flow to the body organs and provides muscle relaxation. These properties of the drug are the basis in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men and pulmonary arterial hypertension in both genders. Viagra is approved for both of these medical purposes. Men with ED use Viagra. People with PAH use and viagra

Still the use of Viagra off-label is much wider. The medicine is used by men who have no physical ED, but who experience difficulties with erections due to emotional issues. The use of Viagra to cope with emotional issues may be habit –forming. Men start thinking that they are not able to get erections without the medicine. Thus the use of Viagra by men who do not have ED is not recommended.

Viagra is also used by men recreationally. This use of Viagra worries doctors and sexual health experts. The medicine is often used with alcohol, used in higher doses or used together with stimulators or drugs.

vWomen use Viagra for the management of sexual dysfunction. The effects of medicine on women were estimated during several trials, but the medicine is not approved for use in women.

Sportsmen use Viagra for better performance. The medicine is used as a physical performance enhance as it improves the blood circulation in the body and thus is considered to improve the blood supply to the muscles.

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